Amazing! The moon begins to “blow out” as it “disappears” on the horizon!


Incredible footage was filmed by a Russian cosmonaut at the International Space Station. In the published video, it seems that the Moon ‘explodes’ the moment it disappears behind the horizon. The phenomenon is known as the ‘solar orbital sunset of the Moon’ and was filmed by Sergei Kud-Sverchkov, who later made it public.

As seen from the Moon, it slowly begins to change shape as it takes on the appearance of a flat disk and then disappears into darkness. According to studies, what actually happens is that the moon slowly ‘disappears’ behind the Earth’s horizon and the distortions in the image are caused by the atmosphere of our planet. Light intersects the two mediums of space making the Moon appear to have changed shape. Against the black background, the silhouette of the Earth mixes with the dark sky and makes the moon look like it is melting in the air.


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