Moment jogger rescues eight month old Cockapoo called Fudge puppy plunged Thames


Moment jogger rescues eight-month-old Cockapoo called Fudge after the excitable puppy plunged into the Thames
Fudge the puppy skidded down a steep embankment into fast-flowing water
Luckily jogger Yousef sprang into action and saved the pup with quick-thinking
Fudge is now resting up at home and being kept well away from waterways

Dramatic video footage has emerged of a puppy rescue from the River Thames near Kew Gardens.

Fudge, a cockapoo, aged eight months, was being taken for a walk, but the excitable youngster skidded down the steep embankment into the fast-flowing water.

Passers-by rushed to help the owner, Marguerite Mungovan, who edged her way down the embankment to try and reach the puppy without success.

Jogger, Yousef Al-Asfour, sprung into action and after assessing the situation used a nearby ladder in order to get closer to the furiously paddling puppy.


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